PBPMap's Forums, Integrated Map, and Extras

Looking for Play by Post Forums, Dice Rollers, Combat Maps, Chat and More?

     PbPMap.com is one of the Internet's leading play by post forum sites. We offer a spectacular array of tools to choose from including an integrated map and chat room.  Starting with our free play by post forums, you can dive right into the action by joining a game in progress, or by starting your own game. We have play by post gamers playing Dungeons &Dragons 4th Edition, Pathfinder, Shadowrun and more!

    PBPMap's Forums are where all the action lives.

     Infinitely configurable to the GMs specs and desires, the forums exceptional flexibility allow for games to come alive.  Under a Forum of the Game's name, innumerable subforums and divisions can be created allowing separate areas for game turns, OOC discussion, character sheets, rewards, world information, etc.  The forum has a build in, cheat proof, dice roller, enhanced BBCoding for text, buttons, images, and many other enhancements along with 4 selectable user themes and auto-detect mobile theme.  

     Setting up a game set up is easy.  Join the forums, post in "Game Masters Looking..." about your game and PM the staff to get your forums setup.

    PBPMap's Integrated Map


    PBPMap's custom coded map is exceptionally flexible and perfect for visualizing combat.  Tile based, a map can quickly be created with the site's preconfigured tiles or those that are uploaded by GM or player.  

    Backgrounds can use multiple floor or ground tiles or pictures linked from outside the site.  The possibilities are endless and allow for the best tactical game any play by post venue has to offer.

Best of all, it's free. No fees or membership based user limitations.