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Forum - Adding a Combat Spreadsheet

     Many forums use am embedded spreadsheet, in this example a Google Spreadsheet, to track an manage certain aspects of combat.  In addition to the Game Maps bottom content rows, which lists players and can be edited, using a spreadsheet is an option that many like. And here is how you embed a spreadsheet into a post using code.


Map Latest Article

Map 101 - Fog of War or Hiding Sections

     Fog of War or Hiding portions of a created map in the mapper.  The following details two ways to get it done.  Should you want to hide parts of your map, showing bits gradually later as players move, here is a couple of ways to do it:


GM Latest Article

Plot Hook - Wenceslas Refuge

     - by Shroudeye for PBPMap.    

     Many years have passed since the fall of man and the world became a colder, less hospitality place. A new Ice Age gripped the Earth, plummeting the temperature, and expanding the polar caps once more. Few creatures existed on the surface now, further 


Want to Run a Game.  Read the following to get things going.

     First, the community site and the forum site are not contiguous.  Meaning, each site runs off of separate databases.  At the moment, PBPMap's Community area is completely public but at some point certain additions may require those wishing to take advantage of enhancements, i.e. commenting on an article or contributing, to register.  Should a Community registration be necessary in the future, this registration would be in addition to the forums.

     So, what does one need to do to set up their own game space and begin running adventure on PBPMap?  First, register for a forum account and have a name for your campaign.  We'll base the forum Game topic on that name when one of the staff creates your forums.  Second, consider the structure that you may like for your forum and perhaps look at some other games forum structure for ideas (an example image below).  This need not be complete and can be a starting place as we can always add more subforum's if needed.  Usually, a game's structure has some or all of the following sub-forums; Game Turns, OOC, Characters, Rewards/Level, World Info, and so on.  Once you have an idea, then PM the Staff and we'll get everything set up.

     How to PM the staff?  Sure I understand that many have Forum experience, but just in case.  Once your registered and signed into the PBPMap's Game Forums, then either click on 'User Control Panel' or 'New Messages' at the top of the forum.  Inside your User Control Panel, Click on the 'Private Messages' Tab, then 'Compose Message', and send Staff a PM about what you need set up for you New Game forums (image #2).  To add 'Staff' to the recipients of the PM, just click on Staff in the 'Groups box' to the right and then click the Add button.  Put the specifics in the message body and one of the Staff will respond quickly.

Image 1

     And lastly, setting up a map.  Setting a map is easy.  Simply click the 'Create New Map' text at the top of the page above 'Board Index' link (Image below) and follow the directions.  Please write down you map password.  We can retrieve it if you loose it, but that can only be done when SilverWolf or GeneT are online and you may need to make a map sooner than they can get back to you.  You can also create more than one map when you GM more than one game or if you have split groups.  Once your in your map, you can click manage maps, second button from the top, and create any number of maps. Only one map is shown at a time and you set the default map by clicking the appropriate button in manage maps.  Players and GMs can place tiles on the default Game map at any time, but remember to click the 'Save Map' button at the top to make the changes.  Obviously, the 'List Your Map Groups' text at the top of the forum will give you a listing of all your Game Map groups in case you needs to move between them or need the link to send to the players or post in the Game Forum.

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